Jazz fusion guitar master John Scofield has a released a brand new album, Swallow Tales, via ECM Records. The nine-track album features Scofield playing with longtime friends and decorated jazz musicians Steve Swallow (bass) and Bill Stewart (drums).

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Alongside the release of Swallow Tales, ECM shared an amusing video of Scofield and Swallow recounting a real-life (Steve) Swallow tale about how the over-confident bassist once ruined one of Scofield’s favorite guitars.

“Steve broke my guitar… this guy,” Scofield begins after the 79-year-old Swallow introduces the incident. “He had only been playing electric bass for a couple years. What did he know about guitar? But he was this old, experienced jazz guy who said, ‘Oh, I’ll do a neck adjustment on your guitar. … It destroyed my nice old Gibson guitar. Broke it. Yeah.”

Adds Swallow, “And we’ve been best of friends ever since.” Watch the clip and listen to Swallow Tales by John Scofield, Steve Swallow, and Bill Stewart in full below:

John Scofield & Steve Swallow Recount How Swallow Broke Scofield’s Guitar

[Video: ECM Records]

John Scofield, Steve Swallow, Bill Stewart – Swallow Tales – Full Album