The Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign has announced its co-chairs in all Super Tuesday states, including Phish‘s drummer, Jon Fishman. No other campaign has announced their co-chairs for all Super Tuesday states.

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The Sanders campaign selected five co-chairs for Maine, which included Troy Jackson, Briar LyonsSafiya KhalidRachel Talbot Ross, and of course, Jon Fishman. In a press release, the Sanders campaign explained that “the co-chairs represent a diverse coalition of progressive elected officials, local activists, and community leaders that show the strength of Senator Sanders’ ‘Not Me, Us’ movement…” The co-chairs act as allies in the communities they represent, creating events and forging state-wide relationships ahead of the Super Tuesday primary election.

Fishman has supported the Vermont Senator for several years now, representing him at Maine’s Democratic Convention in 2016 and even donning a Bernie Sanders muumuu at a Phish show the same year.

In a statement, Fishman explained his support for Sanders,

Bernie has been fighting his entire career spanning over 40 years for education, climate change, local and small agriculture, removing big money from politics, health care and human rights. He has been consistent, truthful and persistent. We have confidence that he will set the board for success with regard to these concerns by calling on citizens, appointing professional individuals and building teams with the goal of bringing the globe together to combat these issues. 

For more information on Sanders’ 2020 Presidential bid, visit his official website.

Below, check out the full co-chair announcement.

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