Phish drummer Jon Fishman has stepped up his social media game by joining the Twitter world. His handle @jfishman600 was mainly created to voice his support for Independent Senator from Vermont and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Fishman is no stranger to the political game, as the Vermont resident has been outspoken in the past on a variety of issues.

Jon Fishman Is Saving The Elephants

Here is what Fishman said via his personal Facebook page:

“Hey! Ok I finally bit the bullet and signed up to Twitter only because I’m so freakin’ wishing Bernie Sanders becomes our next President I’m getting behind it as much as I can. He’s the only actual human being in the race right now. The rest of ‘em are a bunch of fucking animals and posers in it more for power or personal gain than people. So, if you’re interested my Twitter handle is @jfishman600. See you there!”

On a side note, Fishman has announced several dates with his musical comedy troupe Touchpants. The group will play several dates across the country beginning in late July.

[via Jambands]