Triple threat Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be a guest DJ on the Phish Radio program “Crowd Control” on Tuesday, August 18th.

The regular segment on Phish’s dedicated SiriusXM channel features fans from all walks of life taking over the airwaves to discuss their fondness for the band, as well as spin some choice selections.

In a sneak peek of what’s to come, SiriusXM shared a snippet of the accomplished actor/singer/director discussing what got him into Phish. It turns out that the star of such blockbusters as InceptionSnowden, and The Dark Knight Rises got his first taste of the Vermont quartet at Ventura County Fairgrounds on July 30th, 1997. This standout concert would later be released as Ventura, and featured stellar playing throughout including a 30-minute “David Bowie” into Talking Heads‘ “Cities” back into “David Bowie” sandwich.

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“And honestly what I haven’t talked about as much this whole time, is what Phish means to me,” Gordon-Levitt said in the preview clip. “More than anything, it’s my friends that I love. I’m getting emotional (laughs). It’s my friends that I love this band with, like my favorite Phish moments, probably even more than any of the shows I was at, was just conversations I would have with my friends, or music we would play inspired by the band.”

Listen to the full clip ahead of the upcoming episode of “Crowd Control” on Phish Radio featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt airing on August 18th at 7 p.m. ET on SiriusXM channel 29.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – “Crowd Control” Teaser