NYC-based producer/singer Josh Cassarino has officially released his debut LP, Dark Summer.

The album features a number of notable guests musicians including rapper Mr. AT, singer Elaine Kristal, and rapper Lex Gonzalez. Also featured on the album is Josh’s brother, guitarist/vocalist Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power), who served as a co-writer and co-producer on the album in addition to contributing guitar to several tracks. Other co-writers listed on the album include Nate Cromie and Crys Rivera.

Lined with deep, detailed production and infectious, layered melodies, the album aptly evokes the aesthetic laid out by its title: a collection of stereo-ready L-ride bangers shaded by a hazy sonic cloud of loss and regret. As Cassarino tells Live For Live Music of the project, “This album is a journey back and forth dancing with heartbreak and lust.”

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[Photo: Josh Cassarino Dark Summer album cover]

Envisioned as a celebration of the vibrant artist community in New York City, Dark Summer arrived on Friday in the wake of a highly involved album release event earlier this month at Long Island City, NY’s ColorWerx, which Cassarino describes as “a creative space for artists to develop their brand, shoot a music video, and even throw a dope party!” Ahead of the album’s reveal and a viewing of its accompanying Dillon O’Keefe-animated video for “locked-in”, noted local artists like Sundance ClairanceNicky Draven displayed their works for the intimate audience.

As Cassarino says of the collection of multi-media creatives who came together for both the album and the release event, “We had an amazing team behind this project and it really showed. As gratitude paints our path, I continue to walk forward learning from all of you at every step.”

Watch a recap video from the Dark Summer album release event below via cinematographer Jeff Malo. Scroll down to watch the animated music video for “locked-in” and stream Dark Summer in its entirety. For more information on Josh Cassarino, head here.


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Josh Cassarino – “locked-in” (Official Music Video)

Josh Cassarino – Dark Summer – Full Summer