Yesterday, the Grammy award-winning French DJ duo Justice made their newest live album, Access All Arenas, available to the public via live streaming on Spotify. Featuring 14 reworked tracks from their albums A Cross the Universe and Audio, Video, Disco and sampling heavily from material featured in their first album Cross, the 80 minute live set runs the risk of being mistakenly written off by Justice fans as a simple past album re-hash.

However once listened too it is clear that in taking the more powerful tracks from their last album, Audio, Video, Disco and mixing them seamlessly into a live set with new versions of classic tracks such as ‘Genesis,’ ‘Stress,’ and ‘D.A.N.C.E,’ Justice has managed to re-work the two albums in a way that proves to critics that Audio, Video, Disco may not have received the praise and respect it was due.

Recorded at Nimes Arena last year Access All Arenas opens with an excellently re-worked electronic version of ‘Toaccata and Fugue in D Minor,’ and features Justice’s well-known nighttime disco style rather than the lighter more daytime feel presented by Audio, Video, Disco.

Overall, the 14-song medley brings new life to each of Justice’s tracks, placing them once again at the forefront of the electronic music game.  

The album in its entirety can be viewed and listened to here on Spotify.

Check out “The Blueprint” a look at the massive production that goes into Justice’s live show:

Justice Access All Arenas Track Listing
1. Genesis
2. Helix
3. Phantom
4. Civilization
5. Canon
6. D.A.N.C.E.
7. Horsepower
8. New Lands
9. Stress
10. Waters of Nazareth
11. Audio, Video, Disco
12. Encore
13. On’N’On
14. Phantom Pt. II

The album, due out May 6th, can be pre-ordered  here.

-Margaret Main