Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without another release from Kanye West and the Sunday Service Choir. West and the Sunday Service Choir followed up 2019’s Jesus Is Born Christmas Day release with the Emmanuel EP in 2020, signaling the start of a tradition from the famed (or infamous) rapper, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

West executive produced and composed the five-song, 12-minute EP, which begins with the Western Christian prayer, “Requiem Aeternam”, or “Eternal Rest”. “O Mira Nox” follows, which roughly translates to “O Holy Night”. “O Magnum Mysterium” and “Puer” follow, before the EP ends with West’s reimagination of the Christian hymn “Gloria”.

According to press materials obtained by Rolling Stone, the EP serves as a “Celebration of the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ.” Replete with Gregorian chants and compositions “Inspired by ancient and Latin music,” Emmanuel highlights the powerful impact vocals can have on a listener. While the much-maligned West has deserved his fair share of criticism, the vocal work and compositions stand on their own as an impressive musical feat.

From walking on water and a failed presidential run to donations for George Floyd‘s daughter and Black Lives Matter protestors, West made a bevy of 2020 headlines, both positive and negative. With Kanye’s last proper solo hip-hop album, ye, over two years old, it seems as though fans will have to wait until at least 2021 for another. Until then, check out his latest release with Sunday Service below.

Sunday Service – Emmanuel

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