A 65-year-old Chinese man recently sung his way into legend after performing a 10-song karaoke session after suffering a collapsed lung.

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According to a report from Chinese media outlet The South China Morning, the older gentleman identified as Wang began having breathing difficulties and having pain on the left side of his chest after singing a few songs with very high notes. Wang ignored the pain like any sensible 65-year-old would and sung his way through what he called, “a marathon karaoke session.”

Wang awoke the next day with the pain remaining, and after heading to the emergency room, learned he had suffered a lung collapse caused from the pressure placed on the rather important respiratory organs while singing those high notes.

Wang defended his lack of regard for his body in explaining, “I was very excited in the heat of the moment,” thus firmly establishing himself as a legend who’s feat will be regaled at happy hour get-togethers and late-night karaoke for years to come.

It’s worth noting that some passionate musicians in China take their karaoke very seriously. Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant knows that fact all too well having lost a karaoke battle to a Taiwanese Elvis impersonator during a recent trip to Beijing.

[H/T The South China Morning]