Karina Rykman is back with a new single from her eponymous trio, this one entitled “Dirty South”. Released on Friday, the new track serves as a follow up to her latest song, “City Kids“, which premiered back in August.

Best known for her bass work with Marco Benevento, Rykman continues to build up her repertoire with her solo act. Throughout quarantine, she has appeared alongside guitarist Adam November and drummer Chris Corsico at numerous livestreams including Democracy Comes Alive, Quarantine Comes Alive, and more.

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In “Dirty South”, the group reverts to an instrumental aesthetic that is reminiscent of the band’s early all-improv days. Since beginning to release its own music last year, Karina Rykman’s band now takes a scripted approach and the results are even more rewarding. The new single combines a sphere of influences that shows the bassist’s deep well of musical appreciation.

From opening tremolo-soaked guitar notes reminisce of Lotus, all the way through a hard-hitting instrumental refrain that could have been pulled a heavy Lettuce track, “Dirty South” has something for everyone. Rykman said on Facebook that the song was, appropriately, originally titled “Dirty South Crunk Funk”, but that the final two words were dropped “and behold, it became Dirty South.”

Listen to the new Karina Rykman single “Dirty South” below.

Karina Rykman – “Dirty South”

[Video: Karina Rykman – Topic]