While thousands of Phish fans were unable to make their annual pilgrimage to Madison Square Garden this year for the band’s New Year’s run, there is one tradition that fans of the Vermont quartet can still look forward to: a yearly sendoff from MSNBC anchor Katy Tur jam-packed with Phish references.

The noted fan of the Phish from Vermont took to airwaves on Wednesday to deliver her farewell to 2020 in traditional style. Though this year had much less to cheer about, Tur was still able to cram as many lyrical references into her 42-second goodbye as even the most seasoned 1.0er.

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Unlike any previous year, Tur’s 2020 sendoff required even more verbal acrobatics as she twisted the immortal words of Tom Marshall and Phish to embody the crushing blows of the year. With references to “Julius”, “Sample In A Jar” and, of course, “Down With Disease”—as the song played in the background, Tur provided a brief semblance of normality for New Year’s, however minor.

Read Tur’s full 2020 sendoff below and see how many Phish references you can spot. Scroll down to watch the video. As Katy joked when retweeting the clip, “At least 2021 won’t start with Trey stuck suspended in midair over MSG.”

My last day of work for 2020, a year where a week was a month and an hour a day, where our reaching for the end just pushed it farther away. Take me to another place, we said, take me to another time. Stranded on this slender string the minutes seemed to last a lifetime. The simple smiles and good times seemed all wrong, so down with this disease and the nine months in our beds. Let’s make it finally unwind and get to the time when we can finally say that this has all been not so wonderful but now we’re on our way. So wear a mask and get your shots. Happy New Year.