Over the weekend, various reports emerged regarding Kendrick Lamar‘s new photo policy at his upcoming “The Championship Tour.” With cell phones and other mobile devices becoming more and more intertwined with all aspects of our lives at a dizzying rate, it was inevitable that entertainers and performers would eventually have to start taking a stand on their use at shows.

Many artists have come out proactively against cell phone use during concerts. LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy is notorious for shutting down cell phone use at his shows, even posting official appeals to the crowd to keep their phones in their pockets. Jack White recently announced plans to effectively disable the audience’s ability to use their phones while still letting them hold onto their own devices with a new technology from tech company Yondr.

After a comment from Lamar’s camp regarding photo policy at his shows, multiple outlets seemed to interpret this move as the Compton rapper aligning himself with Dave Chappelle, White, and various other artists who have put audiences’ phones on lockdown during performances.

However, it seems now that the initial comment may have been misunderstood. As a rep from Lamar’s team told Pitchfork today, Kendrick does not, in fact, plan to ban phones at his shows. His audiences are free to Instagram and Snapchat and record to their hearts’ desires. Professional photographers, however, will not be allowed. Rather, Top Dawg Entertainment will dole out their own professional images to media outlets. Pitchfork notes that this has become an increasingly common practice among high-profile artists, including Beyoncé and The Killers, who choose to control the visual product from their shows by using their own hired photographers.

So don’t fret: There will be plenty of blurry photos and shaky Snapchats of Kendrick’s “The Championship Tour”…Just not as many good ones.

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