Khruangbin has shared a new single and accompanying music video entitled “Pelota”. The song marks the third single from the band’s forthcoming third album, Mordechai, out on June 26th.

“Pelota” follows previously-released songs “So We Won’t Forget” and “Time (You And I)“, and continues the band’s commitment to having lyrics on nearly every song on Mordechai.

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The video, directed by Hugo Rodrigues Rodriguez, finds an androgynous, amorphous blob of a person donning the iconic Khruangbin wig always worn by bassist Laura Lee Ochoa (who recently added the new last name after a baptism-like experience abroad) and guitarist Mark Speer.

Speer’s tremelo-laden guitar forms the band’s iconic Thai-funk sound as our character traverses the Serengeti of the video, searching for a home. Meanwhile, Lee Ochoa’s voice sings a soothing string of Spanish lyrics and drummer Donald “DJ” Johnson holds down the backbeat with a simple snare and high hat. After breaking through the walls of dimensions, our protagonist comes face-to-face with larger-than-life anime illustrations of the band members. Our main character blissfully floats through space while grooving to the multicultural fusion that is Khruangbin as the video comes to a close.

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“A Texan band with a Thai name singing a song in Spanish, loosely based on a Japanese movie,” the band said of the song. Watch the new music video for “Pelota” from Khruangbin.

Khruangbin — “Pelota” (Official Video)

[Video: Khruangbin]

Khruangbin has also recently re-launched the AirKhruang website, which formerly generated “Flight Playlists” of music from around the world for listeners. Now the site is back with “Shelter In Place” feature that generates a playlist of songs for whatever household activity a user inputs. Visit the AirKhruang website to see what it’s all about.