Amazon Prime Video has released a new trailer for A Man Named Scott, the forthcoming Kid Cudi documentary due out on November 5th.

Directed by Robert AlexanderA Man Named Scott will focus on Kid Cudi (real name, Scott Mescudi) and his career after his debut LP, 2009’s Man On The Moon: The End of Day, launched him to national prominence. The documentary will paint a picture of how his creative mind works while also dealing with subjects such as mental health and his struggles both personally and professionally.

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“I just had a hard time with dealing with the adjustments from being Scott to being Kid Cudi,” says Cudi in the documentary trailer. “People look up to me, but I’m not a happy person. I felt like a fraud. That’s what drove me to escape from reality.”

Cudi has long been outspoken about the importance of mental health, dealing with substance abuse, and overcoming darkness, themes he highlighted on his latest album, Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Conversely, A Man Named Scott—a play on the title of his 2008 debut mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi—also centers on his creative vision and the drive behind his artistry, painting him as more than a star musician, but a genuine human being with a desire to impact the world in whatever way possible.

“Creating something new and helping people, it’s always been an escape for me, and it’s freeing,” says Cudi. “Everything I make has to help people in some way. How can I make something that calls out to the broken and the lost? I needed to feel something with the music. How can I push it? How can I give people something that they haven’t heard before?”

A Man Named Scott will feature concert footage, behind-the-scenes clips, as well as appearances and insight from Kanye WestShia LaBeoufWillow SmithJaden SmithPharrell WilliamsLil Yachty, Timothée Chalamet, and more.

Check out the trailer for the new Kid Cudi documentary below and head here for more information and to watch on November 5th.

A Man Named Scott (Trailer)

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