In today’s news that should come as a surprise to nobody, the infamous singer-songwriter and restaurateur Kid Rock has temporarily lost the beer privileges for his Nashville bar due to COVID-19 violations.

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Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk and Rock & Roll Steakhouse will forgo beer sales for five days after authorities caught the restaurant serving beverages to patrons at the bar. While the city permits beer sales to patrons sitting at tables, the public-health emergency order prohibits customers from drinking at the bar.

A photo shared last weekend caught the attention of Nashville public health officials as it depicted a packed bar full of bartenders serving drinks to maskless customers. While the lack of masks granted the bar a different citation, the restaurant lost its beer privileges because of the opening of the bar.


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In the time since this picture was shared (not by me, somebody else took it and shared it initially), Steve Smith, his lawyer and his brother John Taylor have compared them opening to the #blacklivesmatter protests and called being fined a double standard, called Covid a hoax and declared Fox News the only arbiter of truth, and most recently they equated their fight against our local government (a government crippled by our state legislation and governor who are all Trump cronies) to LIVING IN EAST GERMANY BEHIND THE BERLIN WALL. That’s all I got, man. Anyway, #blacklivesmatter, #blackmusicmatters, call your reps and ask them to support funding for musicians and the arts so they don’t have to play packed houses and risk their lives, and support @nivassoc so we can get the venues where actually independent original music happens back open again. #covid19 #dogwhistle

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As inspector Melvin Brown told The Tennessean, “They were in violation of two points of the order that states bar areas must remain closed to the public. No interaction with the public is allowed, and alcohol can only be served at tables and booths.”

Had the bar waited until Monday, Nashville would have been in Phase 3 of reopening, which would have allowed bar seating at half capacity. In addition to Kid Rock’s bar, the Moxy Nashville Downtown hotel, Nudie’s Honky Tonk, and the Broadway Brewhouse all received suspensions. All venues that received suspensions will have 14 days to appeal.

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