Australian psych-rock champions King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are back with a new single which hears them going off in a new musical direction from the high-powered sound for which they’re typically known. The rock band, which released an impressive five full-length studio albums back in 2017, spent the last few days teasing the fact that new music would be arriving soon. They held true to their word on Thursday by sharing a strange but fun mix of high-energy new wave and 80’s electro-pop with their new single, “Cyboogie”.

The single arrived first thing Thursday morning via Flightless Records, the same Melbourne, Australia-based indie label through which the band released Flying Microtonal Banana, Murder of The Universe, Sketches of Brunswick East, Polygondwanaland, and Gumboot Soup in 2017.

The musical makeup of “Cyboogie” pulls in a mix of different elements ranging from electro-funk to climactic prog-rock. There’s also the whole sci-fi element attached to the core theme of the song, marking a new creative direction which the band has not previously explored. To add to the weirdness already established by the song itself, the band also shared a new video directed by Jason Galea. The visual accompaniment to “Cyboogie” takes viewers into some kind of retro science lab where the members of the band, who look like they’re bugging out on a wild LSD trip, spend the 6:47-minute video losing their minds on all the equipment.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Cyboogie” – Official Video

[Video: Flightless Records]

“Cyboogie” is not available for streaming on Spotify or Apple Music, but fans can purchase a digital version of the new tune via their Bandcamp. The song will also be released as a physical 7″ single, which is scheduled to arrive for purchase this Friday, February 1st, at 9 a.m. The band did not state whether or not “Cyboogie” marks the start of a new album cycle, but considering their love for constantly releasing new music, fans should be optimistic that more freshly-baked tunes are on the way.

King Gizzard hasn’t played a show since hosting their Gizzfest event in Melbourne back in early December of last year. The rock outfit currently doesn’t have any upcoming shows on their schedule, but if they are on the verge of launching into another album cycle, fans can likely hope to see them back on the road in America at some point this year.