Kitchen Dwellers will pay tribute to Pink Floyd on Reheated Vol. 2, the second installment of the jamgrass outfit’s cover series. The Montana-bred quartet shared a cover of “Pigs”, from 1977’s Animals, as the first single.

On the first volume of Reheated, Kitchen Dwellers tackled the music of The Band. The four-song EP contained covers of “Get up Jake”, “Don’t Do It”, “Rockin’ Chair”, and “Chest Fever”.

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For Reheated Vol. 2, Kitchen Dwellers have chosen to record three songs from three different albums. The first, “Pigs”, is available today. The cover EP will also contain renditions of “Welcome To Machine” from 1975’s Wish You Were Here and “Hey You” from 1979’s The Wall. Yet the record won’t find the band trying to replicate the pioneering British psych group’s signature sounds. Rather, Kitchen Dwellers have transposed Pink Floyd’s music into their own, unique style,

“We tried to recreate some of the iconic sounds that Pink Floyd managed to produce in the studio, this time, with acoustic instruments,” said guitarist Max Davies. “Every single instrument track was recorded on one of our four instruments except for one, so we really had to work on getting it right. This release has been highly anticipated for us and it’s with great excitement that we can put this out into the world.”

That commitment to originality, even on a cover album, is immediately apparent from the first banjo notes on “Pigs”. The band takes what was a pillar of the second wave of psychedelic rock and makes it into a bluegrass composition while still holding onto the mind-bending properties of the song. Some things are still sacred as Kitchen Dwellers still apply the iconic effects like a talk box and vocal distortion.

Listen to Kitchen Dwellers cover “Pigs” by Pink Floyd, featured on the upcoming Reheated Vol. 2 EP available July 31st.

Kitchen Dwellers — “Pigs” (Pink Floyd)

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