I have to admit, I’m not usually the biggest fan of Krewella, but their new acoustic version of  their smash hit ‘Alive’ has left me with a new sense of respect for the trio. Who knew Kris was so talented on the guitar? And without all that cookie cutter bass you can actually tell that Yasmine has a spectacular voice, and Jahan’s very unique vocal sound is showcased as it should be. I can 100% say I enjoy this version more than the original because it IS original. While I give the girls mad props for becoming so successful in an industry dominated by men I wish they would step away from the unnecessarily heavy bass and too commonly used Dubstep elements and focus more on this aspect of their musical talent. Now all I can hope for is that they will start playing this version of Alive on the radio every 6 minutes instead of the original.

You can watch the music video for the acoustic version of Alive below: