Last week, Chris Kelly, one half of the 90′s hip-hop duo Kris Kross, was found dead in the living room of his house of an apparent cocaine-heroine overdose, though no autopsy report has concluded that this was the reason for his death just yet.  A rather eerie video surfaced today on TMZ of Kelly mere hours before his passing.  The video clearly shows Kelly highly inebriated and having difficulty making a coherent sentence.  Also shows is his inability to rap along to a song that he had supposedly been working on.  What is enough to give you chills up your spine are some of the lyrics that the songs contains, which are as follows:

“We don’t stop for nothing or nobody,
Look around you…it’s for the dead bodies,
Dead MC’s, Fake G’s, tonight’s the night I’m still stacking G’s.
My flow hotter than SoCal,
my blow cold as Ice, pumping through my (incoherent)…
the blood in my heart so cold….
you don’t wanna see me go….
this is how I’m livin’ my life.”

Talk about foreboding, Kelly is literally talking about the blood pumping cold through his heart, looking around seeing dead bodies, and even though you don’t want to see him go, that is how he is living his life.  There is something so ominous in his lyrics, the fact that he actually did pass away a few hours after this is a scary coincidence.  And the kicker of the video is that after he has trouble rapping to his own lyrics, the person filming the goes over to his music awards on the wall, as if we are watching some memorial dedicated to Kelly and his career.  Chris Kelly was 34 at the time of his untimely death.

You have to check out the video for yourself, so weird and tragic at the same time: