Kurt Vile was the featured performer on the newest installment of NPR‘s Tiny Desk concert series. The recent appearance at the NPR offices by the indie rock guitarist and singer acts as the latest live performance in promotion of his new studio album, 2018’s Bottle It In. For his turn on the popular online concert series, Vile gave the NPR staff a three-song performance of material from the album, including “Bassackwards”, “Loading Zones”, and “Peeping Tomboy”.

Vile was joined for the first two songs of the stripped-down set by backing guitarist Rob Laakso. The two players started things off with “Bassackwards”, which featured Vile’s trademark nasally-sounding spoken word style of vocal delivery to go with the song’s catchy acoustic guitar riff. Vile’s lyrics to the song could almost be considered new-age psychedelia, as he sang, “I was on the moon, but more so I was in the grass/So I was chillin’ out, but with a very drifting mind.”

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The relaxed performance continued with Vile channeling his inner Springsteen with a performance of “Loading Zones”, a semi-biographical, uptempo folk ballad which heard him constantly reference his hometown as “Godforsaken” and “dirty” but also “beautiful” in the lyrics. Add in some harmonica parts to go with the acoustic guitar, and you’ve got a pretty smooth performance of what feels like a rushed song in the original recording. The performance came to a close with solo Vile hypnotizing viewers through the lovely, finger-picked notes coming out of that Martin acoustic of his during “Peeping Tomboy”.

Fans can watch the video below to check out Vile’s entire performance.

Kurt Vile – Tiny Desk Concert

[Video: NPR]

Vile is scheduled to start his 2019 winter tour next week with a show at Club XL LIVE in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on February 11th. The run of North American shows will continue into mid-March before Vile takes his band to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the U.K. starting on Aprill 11th. Fans can head over to Vile’s website for tickets to his upcoming 2019 performance.