Inside Out With Turner & Seth, a weekly podcast about the music industry run by Seth Weiner (Shimon Presents Inc., Cloud 9) and Rob Turner, will team up with Live for Live Music to present a fresh perspective on concert and festival culture, going both behind-the-scenes and in the crowd for a comprehensive approach. The bi-weekly interview podcast segment will bring together artists with the movers and shakers of the industry to discuss a myriad of topics surrounding the current climate of music, looking at it from the fan and artist viewpoint.

Past episodes have featured interviews with Col. Bruce Hampton, Sam Bush, Stanton Moore, Marc Brownstein, Keller Williams, Tom Hamilton, Chris Kuroda, Sam Bush, Jefferson Waful, Cherub, and many more. Show topics are constantly rotating, but often include fun segments such as “Reviewing the Reviewers” (Rob and Seth review a writer’s review), “Expressions on Tired Expressions” (where Rob and Seth comment on widely used expressions which they find to be empty and/or tired), Music Quiz Games between artists and fans, and more.

The first episode under the Live for Live Music partnership will air this Monday, 1/23/17, with a conversation with Umphrey’s McGee’s Brendan Bayliss. Listeners will learn about his transition at a young age from avid sports fan to guitar enthusiast, his father’s brilliant tennis career, and so much more.

All episodes of Inside Out WTNS are available to stream right here. Look out for a brand new episode with Brendan Bayliss coming this Monday.