Recently, Lady Gaga sat down with Howard Stern to discuss, among other topics, her recent purchase of Frank Zappa‘s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Fans of the legendary guitarist/composer/genius were concerned that Lady Gaga might tarnish the many historical elements of Zappa’s home, namely the famous recording studio dubbed the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen”, where Zappa recorded several of his most accomplished and revered. However, fans can breathe easy, as Gaga discusses her desire to restore the studio without replacing the original elements that make it so unique.

In the interview, Gaga claims that: “[t]he house is very special and magical. His studio is in it, and I get to keep the [sound] board! You should have seen me while I was looking at the house. The realtors would be like, ‘No pictures!’ and I’m in there, photographing the compressors…it’s mystical to me that the music he made travelled through this board…the idea is to restore it and help it to be in its best condition and kind of leave it the way that it is and hear the sound that comes out. There’s two studios, the whole basement is recording studios, and it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful and amazing and it sounds incredible… I’ll use it for both [recording and living], you know I have a lot of friends that make music like Mark Ronson, Josh Homme.”

Listen to this 90-second clip from the full interview below.

Sounds like the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen” studio is in good hands with Lady Gaga!

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