This past weekend, Lake Street Dive didn’t hold a Halloween concert in the traditional sense, but they recreated one of the most famous performances in music history by playing The Beatles‘ “Don’t Let Me Down” on a rooftop.

The video, shared on Saturday, shows the Boston-bred group adorned in markedly similar outfits to the ones The Fab Four donned during their final live performance, given on top of Apple Corps on January 30th, 1969.

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In addition to the group’s period-appropriate costumes, Akie Bermiss plays the part of the oft-forgotten Billy Preston who played keyboards during “Don’t Let Me Down” at that legendary rooftop concert. The only thing missing is a George Harrison look-alike, as guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson is replaced with a cardboard stand-in, though the cutout is actually wearing the correct outfit. It’s also fairly well-known that The Beatles didn’t record their rooftop concert with a drone camera, but given the overall commitment to historical accuracy, we can give the band a pass on that one.

As for the actual musical performance, singer and guitarist Rachael Price comes out in full force in the John Lennon role. Armed with a beautiful 12-string guitar, she is also able to fill the void left in the absence of Olson. Bassist Bridget Kearney also dons a bass guitar markedly similar to the one Paul McCartney is famous for using—though she plays it right handed—as well as a hilarious fake beard. Holding down the backbeat is drummer Mike Calabrese playing the part of Ringo Starr on his simplified drum kit that still has everything he needs.

Watch Lake Street Dive cover “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles on the roof for Halloween.

Lake Street Dive – “Don’t Let Me Down” (The Beatles)

[Video: Lake Street Dive]