Lake Street Dive released a new cover and music video for Hall & Oates‘ “You Make My Dreams” on Halloween. This follows last year’s release of “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles, which the group filmed from a Boston rooftop, and continues a Halloween tradition that dates back to 2011.

Just as the band did with last year’s recreation of The Beatles’ rooftop performance, Lake Street Dive recreated the original “You Make My Dreams” music video, nearly frame-for-frame. Instead of opening up with a shot of Daryl Hall’s hands atop an organ, it’s Akie Bermiss donning a blonde wig and giving his best Hall impression. Rachael Price gave her best effort as John Oates, wearing a stick-on mustache that really pulled the look together—that is until it nearly fell off halfway through. LSD drummer Mike Calabrese matched looks perfectly with the original Mikey Curry, even down to the looks of his shoes, while Bridget Kearney and James Cornelison also pulled together costumes reminiscent of the iconic music video.

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As for the music, Bermiss handled the organ and lead vocals wonderfully. His soulful voice captured Hall’s essence while also adding his own spin on the cover, while Price added backing vocals and Oates’ verses. The vocal harmonies between the two played well, which is something the band has developed quite a bit since Bermiss’ addition back in 2017. Kearney and Cornelison also provided some proper backing vocals over a groovy rhythm section that created a base for the funk emanating from the organ and guitars. Adding a bit of Halloween flare, Lake Street Dive then changed up the last line a bit, singing, “You make my screams come boo!”

Watch Lake Street Dive cover the iconic Hall & Oates song, “You Make My Dreams”, below. The band currently has several shows scheduled for 2022. Head here for tickets and more information.

Lake Street Dive – “You Make My Dreams” (Hall & Oates)