Just in case you were wondering, LCD Soundsystem is not getting back together anytime soon. James Murphy took to the band’s official Facebook page today to give everyone a little update on what everyone in the group is doing, and explain that while they are all still friends, and they may perform together, they are not LCD Soundsystem. Or something.

Since LCD Soundsystem performed their last show two years ago at Madison Square Garden, many have been waiting for the inevitable reunion, especially since each band member stays so active within the music scene in various projects. But, it looks like it won’t happen for a while, since Murphy felt the need to send out a message that essentially says “Hey guys – just wanted to let you know, LCD Soundsystem isn’t getting back together right now. But come see our other stuff!” You can read the full statement below:

pat is in the studio working on his new thing, al is on tour with hot chip and making new things as new build, tyler is off in berlin being tyler and dj’ing and making music and mixes, nancy is dj’ing in europe and working on new music with the juan and others, gavin and matt are touring and making things in the crystal ark, DSS just did that crazy beck sound and vision 360 thing, and i’m home moving furniture and cleaning up today after a stint of doing some dj’ing and producing. all in all it’s pretty good. i fully respect and appreciate that people miss us as a band–it’s a huge compliment–but i also realize that we the band are just friends and we make things together and eat food together, and STILL ALL GO OUT AND DO THINGS, just not all together as LCD. some come see us do our various things and say hi! it’s been so nice to get to know a bunch of really good people in a totally different context to the “big-ish band getting bigger” way we were a little stuck in. thanks to everyone for being so amazingly supportive and nice to us. i guess that’s my candy-assed thought for the day… now back to unpacking kitchen stuff. -j