Led Zeppelin continues to provide their legion of fans with gifts as the famous British rock band’s 50th-anniversary celebrations continue over into 2019. On Wednesday, Zeppelin shared a brief video as part of their new “Led Zeppelin History” series, which will feature a mix of short stories celebrating the band’s journey which began in 1968.

The first episode, which runs at a manageable 1:07 minutes, tells the story of Zeppelin’s first time in a recording studio together in September 1968, when they entered London’s Olympic Studios to record the material for what would end up on their 1969 debut album. Viewers are treated to a grainy mix of animated and archival live footage of the band while “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” plays throughout.

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As the video continues, a mix of quotes and facts about that era of the band’s history appear on the screen to educate fans on what went down in those early years of Zeppelin.

“The group had only been together for two-and-a-half weeks when we recorded it,” guitarist Jimmy Page is quoted saying about their first time in the studio together in the video. “We deliberately aimed at putting down what we could reproduce on stage.”

Bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones also added, “We did [the album] in about 15 hours with another 15 for mixing, so it was about 30 hours in all.”

Fans can watch the series’ premiere episode via the video below to learn more about the first chapter of the mighty Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin – History Of Led Zeppelin (Episode 1)

[Video: Led Zeppelin]

Recently, the band has celebrated their 50th anniversary by reissuing their 1976 The Song Remains The Same live album, released a history book filled with many never-before-seen photographs, and even released music as a vinyl single for last year’s Record Store Day.