Leftover Salmon was officially inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame during a long-awaited ceremony that took place on stage prior to the band’s show at Boulder Theater on Friday. The band’s former manager and fellow Hall of Fame member and founder Chuck Morris was on hand to present the award alongside longtime friend and collaborator Sam Bush.

“For over 35 years, Leftover Salmon has put on some of the greatest shows in the history of this town,” Morris began. “I managed them for a while, but they are totally unmanageable, and I’m not saying that in a bad way. They would never listen, but when they got on stage, there wasn’t anybody better live. … What an honor it is that they asked me to give them their award tonight,” he added before introducing founding members Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman.

“I’ve known these guys for so long and watched them be such an important part of our music community in this town and in this state,” he continued as Drew and Vince joined him on stage. “It’s so funny, I was telling Drew and Vince tonight, ‘You know, when we first started,’ meaning those two guys and me, ‘we were kids, and now we’re the old grand pubas. I don’t know where the f—cking time went!’ But these guys really were one of the creators of this kind of music that has meant so much to this town.”

He went on to mention The String Cheese IncidentYonder Mountain String Band, and Hot Rize, all three of whom were named as Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductees along with Leftover Salmon in 2021, though the ceremony was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before handing the mic over to Vince and Drew, Morris explained that “the [Colorado] Music Hall of Fame right now is at the trading post right down below Red Rocks. [Leftover Salmon’s] induction and a whole bunch of their stuff will be out in the next couple months. We’re also building a permanent celebration plaque [that will be comingout soon].”

Vince expressed gratitude to Morris and the crowd, saying, “I’m floored by this honor. I really am.” He continued, “I just gotta say that we’ve been lucky enough to start this band in Colorado and we get to play for the best crowds on the whole entire planet.” As the crowd cheered, he handed the microphone to Drew.

“I just want to thank everybody for sticking with us for all these 33 years we’ve been a band and making it possible for us to keep having such a wonderful time,” Drew said before handing the microphone to Andy Thorn, who had walked on stage with the rest of the band, including founding drummer Michael Wooten.

“I love you, Boulder,” Thorn declared. “I live here so this is a treat.” The banjoist went on to reflect on his introduction to the band, back when he was a teenager. “I’ve been seeing these guys since I was 14 years old,” he said, gesturing to his bandmates. “The first time I ever saw y’all was at Merle Fest with Sam Bush sitting in. We’re looking forward to tonight, let’s jam!”

He then handed the mic over to Michael Wooten, who modestly announced, “I got nothing.”

Vince and Chuck joked before concluding the ceremony: “Chuck, when do get the Cadillac?” Vince asked.

“It’s coming in the mail,” Chuck assured him.

Following the ceremony, Leftover Salmon treated the sold-out crowd to two celebratory sets of cajun slam-grass with sit-ins by Sam Bush, Billy Failing, Lindsay Lou, Kyle Tuttle, Silas Herman, and Willa Emmitt. The band returned the following night for a second sold-out engagement that featured even more special guests including Sam Bush, Andy Frasco, Lindsay Lou, Nick Forster (Hot Rize), Kyle Tuttle, Torrin Daniels (Kitchen Dwellers), Dave Johnston (Yonder Mountain String Band), and Silas Herman.

Watch Sam Bush and Chuck Morris induct Leftover Salmon into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and check out photos from Friday and Saturday’s guest-filled concert by photographer Tobin Voggesser below. For more on the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, head here.

Leftover Salmon Colorado Music Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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