Leftover Salmon is looking back on the Brand New Good Old Days ahead of its new album with the new single “Boogie Grass Band”. The Conway Twitty cover will appear on the band’s new LP, due out on May 7th via Compass Records.

The 10-track offering takes listeners on a journey through Leftover Salmon’s musical development—a trek that has stretched over three decades. Along with the album’s uplifting title track, the band has also shared a cover of Soundgarden‘s “Black Hole Sun”. If the cover of the 90s grunge tastemakers was shocking for fans, the shift to Twitty is somewhat more conventional.

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“This old Conway Twitty song was recommended for the band by our friend Ronnie McCoury years ago,” Vince Herman told The Bluegrass Situation, which premiered the track on Tuesday. “It speaks to where we sit on the musical spectrum. We love country, bluegrass and rock music and like to do them all at the same time! This song acknowledges that while taking it in a uniquely Salmon direction.”

With references to Bill Monroe singing about Kentucky, as well as the Allman Brothers‘ “Ramblin’ Man”, “Boogie Grass Band” encapsulates those diverse—and seemingly divergent—influences that made Leftover Salmon forebearers of the modern jamgrass scene.

Listen to Leftover Salmon’s cover of “Boogie Grass Band” by Conway Twitty, available on the band’s upcoming album Brand New good Old Days. Click here to pre-order.

Leftover Salmon – “Boogie Grass Band” (Conway Twitty)

[Video: Compass Records]

[H/T The Bluegrass Situation]