Last weekend’s horrific terrorist attack during the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, left many in our country shaken, angry, and upset. Ahead of the release of their forthcoming album, Leftover Salmon decided to drop a new single off their upcoming studio effort in response to the going-ons in Charlottesville. As described by a press release, “House Of Cards”, Leftover Salmon’s aptly titled new single, “is a reaction to the recent political climate and the direct impact of the nation’s leaders on actions of unsatisfied civilians.”

“House Of Cards” was released with an accompanying video, which features a collection of news footage from the last several months of protests, talking heads, and important political figures such as Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders. While “House Of Cards” is a reflection on the current politically and socially tumultuous times, the new single also doubles as a commentary on the role of artists, with the same press release noting, the song and video are “the band’s way of encouraging other artists to use their musical voice to offer support to protestors and to write and sing acts of protest in themselves.”

As Vince Herman noted along with the release, “The revolution will not be televised. It will be streamed and forwarded. Now is the time to reject the hatred we see coming from so many and bring love and acceptance back into our national agenda. We hope this video can help nudge our country in that direction quickly. This is not normal and love must win again. Our world depends on it.”

You can check out the video for Leftover Salmon’s “House of Cards” below, which was directed by Matt Loewen of Rayonism Images.

[Photo: C. B. Klein]

Leftover Salmon – “House of Cards (2018)” Credits

Video by Matt Loewen – Rayonism Images

Photo credits: Vince Herman
Overhead Seattle protest footage – Last Stand
This is Not Normal – Flickr/Swong95765
Putin/Trump – Randy Gordon-Gatica
Power Plant – Horia Varlan
Smokestacks – Agustin Ruiz
Faux News logo –
Charlottesville Rally – Suarez
Charlottesville Rally – Folklore
Charlottesville Rally – Direct Action News
No Nazis – Mark Dixon/Blue Lens
Fists Up/Afros Out – Louise Palanker
Love Trumps Hate – Lorie Shaull
Love Trumps Hate –