lespecial released Ancient Homies on Friday, the band’s latest studio album via Ropeadope Records.

The Connecticut heavy future groove trio pulled out all the stops for Ancient Homies, compiling 11 tracks with a runtime of 45 minutes. Ancient Homies sees bassist Luke Bemand, guitarist Jon Grusauskas, and drummer Rory Dolan lead the listener through waves of prog rock, metal, house, indie, and hip-hop-inspired tunes, all while maintaining their unified and unique sound.

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lespecial’s metal and prog-rock influences emerge quickly with the first song, “Snell’s Feet”, taking the listener on a head-banging ride driven by Bemand’s bass. The band then flaunts their electronica side on the album’s second track, “The Vessel”. lespecial initially released “The Vessel” as a single back in March, ahead of what would have been the Colorado leg of their Serene Winter Cheen tour.

Moving through the album, lespecial continues to impress with odd time signatures, distinctive grooves, and top-level musicianship. Songs like “Repeater” conjure a jamtronica vibe—replete with a headstrong rhythm section and infrequent vocals— while a track like “Tonberry” seamlessly mixes many of the different sounds lespecial has in its arsenal.

Stream Ancient Homies below and head to lespecial’s Bandcamp page to purchase the album and support the band more directly.

lespecial – Ancient Homies