Audiences hungry for a new release from progtronic trio lespecial had their appetites satiated this week with the band’s new Sandwich Cage EP. The four-song collection features four mashup “sandwiches,” piling high lespecial-ized covers of MetallicaPrimusSlayer, the T-Mobile ringtone theme, and more.

Witnesses of the Connecticut power trio’s high-velocity live performances have likely born witness to one or two of these mashups—like  “Enter Sandstorm”, which pairs Metallica hit “Enter Sandman” with ever-present electronica staple “Sandstorm” by Darude. “Enter Sandstorm” is just the tip of the sandwich (the top bun, if you will).

The next three tracks of Sandwich Cage are imbued with lespecial’s trademark wit, developed over two decades of friendship between bassist Luke Bemand, guitarist Jonny Grusauskas, and drummer Rory Dolan. “Bugg’n In The Air TNGHT” stitches together a lesser-known collab by producers Hudson Mohawke and Lunice (TNGHT ),”Bugg’n”, with Phil Collins‘ contender for most overrated rock song of all time, “In The Air Tonight”. The rudimentary trash can drum beat fits in nicely with lespecial’s headbanging tendencies, while the synths used are even reminiscent of “The Vessel” off 2020’s Ancient Homies. Suddenly, a switch flips and the song turns into the lovechild of a dial tone and a ’90s dialup modem. Jonny G mimics Collins’ vocals on guitar before singing the hook himself and the iconic drum break rolls back into a reprise of “Bugg’n” complete the sandwich.

While the front half of Sandwich Cage explores lespecial’s electronic influences, the back half goes all-in on heavy rock and metal, particularly on what might be the EP’s most satisfying concoction, “Raining Blind Puppies”. Stitching together Slayer’s “Raining Blood”, Korn‘s “Blind”, and Primus’ “Too Many Puppies”, this sandwich is piled high with meaty influences from a variety of hard-hitting eras of heavy music—plus, who doesn’t love hearing lespecial cover Primus?

The last bite of Sandwich Cage is definitely the most loosely defined “cover,” but also the most rewarding. The iconic chime of the T-Mobile ringtone announces the cover simply named after the mobile carrier, with Jonny G repeating the jingle on guitar before lespecial turns it into a prog-rock chugger that would be a welcome addition to the company’s ad campaign (to me, anyway).

According to Bemand, lespecial had been looking for a home for “T-Mobile” for years. As Bemand told Live For Live Music, “We had actually considered using it on both Ancient Homies [2020] and Odd Times [2023], then as a single. Then it finally found a place to call home here.”

“This EP is an homage to some of our favorite artists and heavier influences,” Bemand noted. “We wanted to create something in earnest with a tinge of humor, because after almost 20 years we’re the same three friends who got together after school to joke off and learn our favorite riffs.”

Stream lespecial’s Sandwich Cage EP on the platform of your choice here or listen via the player below. The band is about to embark on a festival-heavy summer tour, beginning this weekend with two sets at Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie in Chillicothe, IL (5/24–5/26). lespecial will also perform at BiscolandSecret DreamsElements, and its own The Homie Campout. Visit the lespecial website for tickets and a full list of tour dates.

lespecial — Sandwich Cage


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