The boys of Lettuce are back with a new album full of the funky, energetic grooves that we have all come to know and love. The album, FLY, is one of their most psychedelic to date, and combines elements of funk that spans the decades. The album, which was recorded and mixed in a fairly short period of time, boasts ten tracks overall. While this is the first time that these tracks have been recorded, many of them aren’t brand new, in the sense that quite a few of them have seen the light of day on stage in the past year.

Lettuce band members Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Adam Deitch, E.D. “Jesus” Coomes, Adam “Shmeans” Smirnoff, Sam Kininger, and Ryan Zoidis have made their best record to date, and are getting ready to play some shows to back their latest effort with an album release party at Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday (June 6th), an opening spot for Dave Matthews Band at Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, and a few festivals appearances over the course of the summer.

The album starts off with title track “Fly“, which has this cosmic beginning followed by a deep, slow progression. Krasno’s guitar has this space-like echo that just makes your head swim in the ethereal. “Ziggowatt” has a lot of swagger, with punctuated horns led by the nasty licks of Shmeans and Kraz. A track that any Knicks fan would recognize as the NY Knicks/MSG theme song, “Madison Square” has this infectious groove that is really energetic and just amps you up. If you saw the opening credits to any Knicks game, or when the game came back on after a commercial, you would have noticed Lettuce playing this track with Robert Randolph on the screen before jumping back into the game.

The first single off FLY, which you could have checked out on the bands website, “Bowler” makes you feel like you are in some 70′s “B” movie. It has this theme-song vibe to it, and is slick as hell. “Do it Like You Do” is the only song on the album with vocals, as well as being the only track that features Royal Family member Nigel Hall. As usual, Hall brings his ever-soulful voice to the table, and makes you just bob your head and shoulder-jerk ’til you can’t stop. The album ends with an instrumental cover of War’s “Slippin’ into Darkness“, which has seen the band cover on occasion.

Overall, this is a great album to add to your collection. Definitely pick a copy as soon as you can, as FLY is perfect for the summer while driving around with your windows down for all to hear. Hopefully, your volume goes to eleven! If you can make it to see Lettuce play soon, we strongly urge you to do so, as you will be in for a funkin’ treat. And for any vinyl lovers out there, this has been pressed and can be picked up at the Brooklyn Bowl, or ordered online here (

Album Rating: 9/10

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By Chris Meyer


*Special Thanks To Andre Reddy

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