U.K. radio station Jazz FM has dug into its vaults for a pre-lockdown video of Lettuce performing “NDUGU”, shared on Monday.

The video was likely recorded in the midst of Lettuce’s 2020 European tour, which was cut short at the onset of the coronavirus. Their February 19th concert in London, which probably coincided with the filming of this segment, was one of their last of 2020.

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The session at Jazz FM finds the Grammy-nominated sextet taking on “NDUGU” from their 2020 album, Resonate. In the studio, Lettuce is as loose as ever as the band immediately settles into the groove that will form the bedrock of the song. Punctuated by synchronized breakdowns, “NDUGU” soon finds the horn section, made up of Eric “Benny” Bloom and Ryan Zoidis, sounding off to make their presence known.

But of course Lettuce isn’t a one or two man show, as the entire group sticks together as the rhythm builds. “NDUGU” has a built-in rollicking groove that would allow the band to keep playing the song forever, were they not confined to a studio or set times. The tail end of the song sees Bloom coming out in full force on trumpet, only to be brought back down to Earth as searing keyboard work from Nigel Hall acts as the great equalizer, once again realigning the group.

Watch Lettuce perform “NDUGU” at Jazz FM in a time before COVID-19 canceled everything.

Lettuce — “NDUGU” — Jazz FM