LOCKN’ Festival kicked things off in style on Thursday, August 23rd with perfect weather, vibing atmosphere, and interlocking sets from Lettuce and Umphrey’s McGee to close the day’s main stage schedule. Following a festival-opening “Jerry Dance Party”, the main stage played host to sets from Firecracker Jam, Erin & The Wildfire, and Butcher Brown as campers made their way from their newly assembled campsites to the community hub. Lettuce took the stage at 6:30 p.m. before the table turned onto Umphrey’s McGee an hour later. The two bands swapped places one more time to close down the main stage and used the opportunity to collaborate within their transition. From there, fans headed over to the Relix Stage to conclude the night with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.

For their first set of the night, Lettuce put on a funk clinic to get the party started with a career-spanning setlist of original flare. After a set-closing “Madison Square”, the stage immediately rotated for Umphrey’s McGee, who opened their set with “There’s No Crying In Mexico”. The turntable setup is truly special, but what the two bands did for their second sets is what makes it extraordinary.

When Lettuce returned to the stage for their second set, they went into deep-darkness with the psychedelic selections of their catalog. To close their set, Lettuce played a version of Herbie Hancock‘s “Hang Up Your Hangups” that turned the stage half-way to welcome Umphrey’s McGee. The two bands stood side-by-side, on their halves of the 360° stage, jamming the song together. Eventually, as the stage turned to completion, The Shady Horns’ Ryan Zoidis and Eric “Benny” Bloom switched sides and joined Umphrey’s McGee to conclude the 1975 song. “Gotta love it when a plan works out,” commented guitarist Brendan Bayliss.

You can watch the transition in the video clip below via LOCKN’s Facebook:

[Video: Nick Kosot/Relix]

For a fans’ view, check out Paul Levine’s perspective of the transition below:

Watch all of Thursday’s performances below, thanks to Relix, followed by a Thursday recap:

Setlist: Lettuce | LOCKN’ Music Festival | Arrington, VA | 8/24/18

Fly, Salute, KHRU, Royal Highness, Lett Bobby, Ready To Live, 4th Dimension, Madison Square

Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | LOCKN’ Music Festival | Arrington, VA | 8/24/18

There’s No Crying In Mexico > Higgins, Seasons, Hurt Bird Bath, The Bottom Half, Similar Skin, It Doesn’t Matter > Mulche’s Odyssey

Setlist: Lettuce | LOCKN’ Music Festival | Arrington, VA | 8/24/18

Trillogy, Phyllis > Lettsanity, Do It Like You Do, Trap, Hang Ups

Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | LOCKN’ Music Festival | Arrington, VA | 8/24/18

Hang Up Your Hang Ups[1], Roctopus, Wappy Sprayberry > Maybe Someday, Bridgeless > Day Nurse, In The Kitchen[2] > Hajimemashite > Bridgeless

[1] with Eric “Benny” Bloom on trumpet and Ryan Zoidis on saxophone
[2] unfinished

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