Rapper Lil Dicky (born Dave Burd) has always approached his craft with a conscious air of silliness and comedy. Now, his unlikely rise to hip-hop stardom will appropriately serve as the basis for a quasi-autobiographical scripted TV series, Dave, set to debut on FXX on Wednesday, March 4th and on Hulu on Thursday, March 5th.

True to his well-established musical persona, the version of Dave/Dicky shown in the trailer takes self-deprecating shots at his own “lil” member, his self-consciousness about his chosen profession and his lack of “gangster” bravado, upsetting his parents by using his Bar Mitzvah money to jumpstart his career, how his Lil Dicky hand sign is actually a Crips gang sign, and more. The trailer, much like his actual tracks, features a number of cameos from high-profile artists including Justin BieberYG, and Marshmello. Knowing Lil Dicky, the cameos on Dave won’t stop there.

Watch the trailer for the new Lil Dicky TV show, Dave, below:

Lil Dicky – Dave Season 1 Trailer

[Video: FX Networks]

LD previously broke down how he went down the road to becoming a rapper in his video for “Professional Rapper”, in which he “interviews” for a rapper job with big boss Snoop Dogg. Watch Lil Dicky’s “Professional Rapper” video below:

Lil Dicky ft. Snoop Dogg – “Professional Rapper” [Official Music Video]

[Video: Lil Dicky]