The NBA All-Star weekend is generally one of the biggest celebrity party weekends of the year, and you can usually expect all of the big names from the hip hop world to make appearances. One name missing this year was Lil’ Wayne, who recently announced that he was banned from all NBA events, allegedly at the behest of the Miami Heat. He tweeted the following explanation last week:

Now, last night at an apparently unofficial NBA All Star event, Weezy went into further details, explaining the ban has been extended to all NBA events. He then lead the crowd in chants of “Fuck the NBA” and “Fuck the Miami Heat” before letting the crowd know he fucked Chris Bosh’s wife. Last year, Wayne made headlines when he got banned from an Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat playoff game when he professed his love on stage for Trina, who was dating James Harden at the time.

Whatever your opinions are on Lil Wayne, this is a pretty hilarious move. I would say give this guy a reality show but I can’t stand listening to him talk. He has somehow intertwined himself in so much NBA drama that he has gotten himself banned from all games. Not just one team’s games, but all games. And then he casually drops the “Oh yeah, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife”. They all live in Miami. This probably happened. Let’s be honest here, Chris Bosh is kinda doofy. But seriously, bold move by Lil Wayne to publicly make that statement when they both live in the same city, visit the same nightclubs, and not to mention the fact that Chris Bosh is a large NBA player.

You can check out the full video of Lil Wayne’s rant that’s been making it’s way around the internet below: