Grateful Dead fans are everywhere. The flood of influence from the seminal American rock band continues to spread through pop culture as a new decade begins—this time, on the new season of Netflix comedy series, Grace and Frankie.

In the third episode of the show’s new sixth season, the titular character of Frankie—played by decorated comedian Lily Tomlin—gets into a playful but serious pissing contest about her Deadhead credentials at a silent auction for a pair of Jerry Garcia‘s sneakers. Her opponent in the dispute: a well-to-do character played by Michael McKean of This Is Spinal Tap fame.

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While the unabashedly “hippie” Frankie tries to belittle the supposed fandom of her foe with her personal concert credentials—as many a jaded vet like to do—McKean’s character is quick to put her doubt to rest with his own Deadhead stripes. As the two former SNL players battle it out, they name-drop the Dead’s 1971 performances at the Fillmore East and The Capitol Theatre as well as the nine shows they played at Madison Square Garden in September 1991.

The Capitol Theatre posted a clip of the Grace & Frankie Deadhead exchange in honor of their shout-out, which you can watch below. To watch the full episode on Netflix, head here.