Limp Bizkit will not tour the U.K. and Europe as planned this summer due to frontman Fred Durst‘s health concerns. In a video posted on Sunday, the vocalist said that his doctor told him to stay off the road following the results of some recent tests.

“In preparation for the 2022 summer tour in U.K. and Europe, I have decided to do some tests to make sure I’m in good physical condition and everything’s okay,” Durst said in the video. “And to my surprise, my doctor has decided to send me a letter telling me he would not like me to tour at this time and to stay close by to do some more tests. And that being said, this was very unexpected news and I’m so sorry and I look forward to making it up to you as soon as possible. And I can only thank you so much for your support. And I truly am grateful for everyone who was going to take their time out of their busy lives and come see Limp Bizkit perform this summer. And I look forward to making that up to you as soon as possible and I’m definitely already trying to think of ways to do that.”

This news comes after the nu-metal rap-rock act previously postponed its 2021 summer tour, citing COVID concerns. The band ultimately mounted a 2022 spring tour of the U.S., including a show at Madison Square Garden.

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“I regrettably have to tell you that we’re not gonna be able to make it at this moment, but I’m only wishing for the best and I know everything is going to be okay,” Durst continued. “And again, thank you so much for your support as we do love and cherish our connection with you more than anything on this planet. And we are really looking forward to seeing you and doing what we do, and you know what that is.”

Durst noted that he is “already working on something to make it up to everyone in the U.K. and all over Europe.”

“Thank you guys so much, and girls, and all the in between,” he concluded.

Watch the full video message from Fred Durst here.