Buffalo based quartet Aqueous continue to impress fans with every move, playing some of the best live performances that captures the group’s unique penchant for songwriting. The band will continue to capitalize on that effect, as they just kicked off an extensive fall tour and will release a brand new album, Best In Show, next Friday October 14th.

On Best In Show, the quartet expertly displays their unique ability for meticulously crafted arrangements with soulful lyrics and a dynamic musical range, while maintaining their signature dual rock guitar onslaught, anthemic choruses, melodic synth lines, and a tight rhythm section that always gets the party going. Guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist David Loss speaks to the excitement captured on Best In Show, saying, “Although Aqueous is primarily a live touring band, I feel that we all work very well in the studio environment; you can be creative in different ways and I like that the possibilities are endless. Personally, recording ‘Best In Show’ was a unique experience because I got to really explore my role on keyboards more than I ever had previously, and it was cool to challenge myself like that, and also to utilize some classic instruments to capture the sounds I was hearing just right. Ultimately, if someone had never heard Aqueous, I’d definitely give them ‘Best In Show’ because it showcases so much of what we have to offer as a band.”

Each track on the four-song EP showcases a diverse and powerful side to the band’s ever-evolving sound. “I really like the song selections on this EP, they encompass the many facets of the band’s sound,” said bassist Evan McPhaden, “We touched on soul, pop, prog, dance and rock which makes for a really fun and enjoyable listen.”

With Aqueous out on the road and Best In Show coming out shortly, the band has offered up a very first taste of the new release. We’re excited to offer up a stream of “Random Company,” which you can hear below.

Now that rocks! Drummer Rob Houk shares his take on Best In Show, saying “As the new guy in Aqueous, I was enthralled with how much focus, dedication and care that goes into AQ’s studio process, and I couldn’t be happier or more excited with this album and to make music with such a great crew.”

Guitarist Mike Gantzer says, “I’m really proud of the work we did on this project, it feels like a definitive step forward in our band’s sound, and the vibe is really great on the whole album, which I attribute to the fact that the vibe was really great while we were making it! Everyone in the band crushed their parts and stepped their game up, and I think the sound is really cohesive throughout. We had a blast and put our all into making Best In Show, and I’m psyched for people to get down with it.”

Fortunately, fans can get down with Aqueous throughout the fall, as the band is touring extensively in support of Best In Show. The band will celebrate the album’s release with a two night run at their hometown Buffalo Iron Works venue, with support from BIG Something and Natalie Cressman on October 13-14 respectively. All tour and album details can be found on the band’s website, and a teaser for the album as well as the full tour schedule can be viewed below.