Pretty Lights made quite the impression in New Orleans earlier this month, playing three shows in less than 24 hours in a city that incubates creative flow and original musicianship. Having recently hinted at a new direction with more live band work through the release of a video for a new song called “Only Yesterday”, the electronic producer certainly used his time wisely to showcase exactly what he’s been brewing up.

The party started at BUKU Music & Arts Festival, where he brought along the Pretty Lights’ Analog Future Band, featuring Adam Deitch (drums), Eric Krasno (guitar), and Eric Bloom (trumpet) from LettuceBorahm Lee (keys) of Break Science, and more. The festival got a taste of what’s to come, and word on the street is it’s pretty delicious.

After proving himself with a new name in the game, PL brought his equipment over to the Joy Theater for another throwdown featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Horns, then took the party even further with a secret late-late night set in the streets of New Orleans. You can watch videos of both those performances here. Additionally, we’ve got the full Buku set with the band, courtesy of Will Guy:

Pretty Lights recently told fans that he is “no longer satisfied making ‘music’ to ‘release’ on ‘albums.’ Different is coming.” If the newly added instrumental live music is any indication of what we can expect Pretty Lights’ future to look like, then consider us first in line for the next time machine.