Earlier this fall, Little Feat and their fans mourned the loss of longtime guitarist Paul Barrere, who died at the age of 71 on October 26th after suffering from liver disease.

On Tuesday, the band announced that they will still host their Ramble on the Island destination event in Trelawney, Jamaica early next year with former Gregg Allman Band musical director Scott Sharrard set to fill in for Barrere on guitar.

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According to the announcement, the band’s Ramble On The Island event, which takes place on January 26th–30th, 2020, will feature Sharrard on guitar for their multiple performances throughout the weekend. Sharrard was one of the fill-in guitarists who took on Barrere’s duties after he was forced to sit out of Little Feat’s fall tour performances as part of the band’s 50th-anniversary run in 2019.

Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne shared a lengthy statement on the band’s decision to continue moving forward after Barrere’s death and how they plan to honor his contributions to their legacy:

Little Feat is a family, you’re part of that family, as well. Jamaica over the years has become a refuge for us all. The loss of Paul Barrere has impacted each and every one of us. The tour last fall was a testament to the strength of the bonds between us, the music that continues to resonate, and the loss of one of our own. We intend to honor Paul in Jamaica and carry on the legacy of music that makes up Little Feat. It will be a celebration of both.

Our family extends to the musicians that will join us in this celebration. They are some of our dearest friends, a community of players and singers, most of whom are from Woodstock and New York City, that in recent years have brought me into their family.

Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams will join the Ramble Band and Little Feat for the first two shows. Larry and Teresa were on the fall tour and were nothing short of brilliant. Guitarist and singer Scott Sharrard, the newest addition to the Little Feat family, was also on the last two shows of that tour. Scott knew our songs inside out, had a great voice and the chops on slide that dazzled. He will be with us for all four shows.

Connor Kennedy is with the Ramble Band this time. We’ve known Connor since he was 18. Scott Sharrard gave him his first guitar lesson. Cannot wait to hear the two of them play. In addition, we will have Amy Helm, Vince Herman, Anders Osborne, Jim Weider, Brian Mitchell, and our beloved horn section, Jay Collins, Steven Bernstein, and Erik Lawrence, which all bodes well for great collaborations. We will continue the exploration, improvisation and enhancement of the music and songs we have spent a lifetime performing. Paul will be in our hearts.

I look forward to seeing you all there for what I know will be one of the most memorable times in Jamaica. A lot of heart and soul are going to be on display from all of us. That is what families do. Thanks for being a part of ours.

Artists including Los Lobos, The Midnight Ramble Band, Vince Herman, and Anders Osborne are also set to perform throughout the destination event. Head to the Ramble on the Island website for tickets and event info.