Following the horrific events of Monday night’s terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK, the massive entertainment company Live Nation has begun outlining new security measures to ensure fans’ safety at future shows. Live Nation issued a statement to venues and attendees that noted that “Due to enhanced security procedures, no bags or backpacks will be permitted into the venue except for small personal bags or purses (12″ x 12″x 6″ max) or clear 1 gallon bags.”

This new policy closely mirrors that of the NFL for entrance into football stadiums though Live Nation’s new rules are slightly less stringent—the NFL requires that bags going into stadiums must be both clear and not exceed 12″x 12″x 6″. While the guidelines are not necessarily surprising, they inevitably will have an impact on the speed for which fans can enter Live Nation shows, concerts, or festivals. Unsurprisingly, the statement also noted that all bags will be subject to search. However, in order to cut down on search times and the subsequent lines they produce, Live Nation noted the availability of express “no bag” lanes, stating “we encourage you to not bring in any bag whatsoever.” For outdoor shows, Camelbaks and other water-holding receptacles must meet the new bag dimensions and be completely empty of water for entrance.

Live Nation Offering “Festival Passport” That Gives Access To Dozens Of Huge Festivals This Year For $799

A few weeks ago, Live Nation made waves across the music-loving community by offering a limited number of “Festival Passports” to concertgoers this summer. The passport gives access to the vast majority of Live Nation’s expansive list of festivals, which includes Austin City LimitsBonnarooElectric ForestCamp BiscoLollapalooza, Peach Music FestivalSasquatch, and a number of other multi-day events. Obviously, these new security measures will be in effect for dozens of high-volume festivals this summer in addition to the countless shows that go down across the country at Live Nation venues. However, some festivals, like Bonnaroo, have already come forth and begun issuing statements that reiterate the safety of their attendees while also pushing back on some of the restrictions (specifically those for Camelbaks).

The full effect and duration of Live Nation’s new security procedures are unknown, as many venues have previously beefed up security in the wake of a terrorist attack only to have them slowly ease up over time. However, it’s possible that security procedures such as these may become the new standard for many music events. Inevitably, there may be a learning curve for staff and fans alike as they learn to implement these new security measures, which will probably result in an uptick of wait times, so plan accordingly.