Yesterday, Phish released their December 6, 1997 show at Auburn Hills, MI’s The Palace of Auburn Hills from their archives.  Instead of giving you the comments directly from (which you can read on their site), we are taking a fans excerpt from The Phish Companion about this particular show.  Written by Saul Wertheimer:

“….The ‘Tweezer’ that opened the second set is one of the best I’ve heard.  It contained a long jam, which brought you to Funk Central Station.  The segue into ‘Isabella’ is fantastic, and we are treated to an atypical jam that can only be construed as a ‘licentious funk groove.’ The segue into ‘Twist Around’ was – once again – fantastic, and then they played the best ‘Piper’ I have ever heard.  ‘Piper’ was technically unfinished, as the jam launched off with the power of a space shuttle from Cape Canaveral.  This ‘Piper’ took me to another world.  It was so intense that Aaron, my traveling companion for the last part of tour, was worried that I would spontaneously combust.

‘Sleeping Monkey’ was perfectly placed, and the ‘Tweeprise’ that closed the set threatened to bring down the house.  I can’t remember the encore.  This entire set has no regard for accepted rules, morals, or standards.  Get this tape…but be very afraid!”

The show will be available as a download at and as a 2-CD LivePhish Limited set exclusively from Phish Dry Goods.

PHISH: 12/6/97  -The Palace of Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, MI 

Disc One
1. Golgi Apparatus (5:35)
2. Run Like An Antelope (16:30)
3. Train Song > (2:44)
4. Bathtub Gin > (12:36)
5. Foam (10:24)
6. Sample In A Jar (5:04)
7. Fee > (5:36)
8. Maze (15:10)
9. Cavern (4:50)

Disc Two
1. Tweezer > (22:25)
2. Izabella > (9:27)
3. Twist > (7:44)
4. Piper > (14:12)
5. Sleeping Monkey > (6:05)
6. Tweezer Reprise (4:33)
7. Rocky Top (2:53)