A new app called Live Shuffle seeks to create a free, one-stop shop for fans’ live music listening needs. The program, which is available both on iOS and Android mobile devices, combines source material from Internet ArchivePhish.in, and PanicStream.

At the core of the app’s functionality is the ability to shuffle between artists, concerts, and songs. The new app makes it easier to roll between live tracks from various artists throughout the decades, whereas the task of toggling between soundboard shows on a mobile device has previously been a tedious one. While Live Shuffle primarily began for the music of the Grateful DeadPhish, and Widespread Panic, the catalog of music is constantly evolving to include more artists and concerts and currently features 127 total bands and over one million songs.

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Live Shuffle first gained popularity through word-of-mouth promotion on subreddits for the Grateful Dead, Phish, and other jam bands, and has now begun to proliferate outside of just the jam community. Originally launched earlier this year, Live Shuffle is continuously updated by its creator, Austin Byron, to include more acts and concerts. From current luminaries like Billy Strings, Aqueous, and Goose, back through all of the post-Jerry Garcia incarnations of the Grateful Dead, all the way back to New Riders of the Purple Sage and other 1960s notables.

All of the Phish music comes from Phish.in, Widespread Panic from PanicStream, and Grateful Dead and all other bands from Internet Archive. The music that comes from the Internet Archive is limited to soundboard and audience soundboard matrixes to ensure the most consistent audio quality when jumping from one show to another. One of Live Shuffle’s newest features also allows listeners to favorite any track and save it to a playlist for future listening.

Download Live Shuffle for iOS via the App Store link here or for Android on the Google Marketplace here. For more information on the app, see the developer’s full Reddit post below. According to the project’s About page, a web app is in the works, and open-sourcing for Live Shuffle will begin soon.

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