On Friday night, Lotus delivered a stellar show on the second night of their three-night run at Brooklyn Bowl.

The Bowl is by far the best place to see them in New York City—it’s the perfect size and the sound is absolutely incredible. This is their third multi-night run at the venue, and it’s evident that they feel extremely comfortable on that stage. The band’s confidence was relayed through their improvisation all night long.

The Friday setlist featured an ideal balance between old and new songs. Wasting no time, they opened with ‘Intro To A Cell’ and seamlessly jammed it into “Stranger Danger”. Another highlight from the first set was “Anti-Gravity” > “Comptroller”. Guitarist Mike Rempel‘s playing was tasteful and expressive, dancing on top of Jesse Miller’s thunderous bass with ease.

“Nematode” kicked off the second set and instantly got the crowd moving. The rhythmic backbone of Mike Greenfield and Chuck Morris pumped energy into the room in ferocious fashion. The stand out segment of the second set was undoubtedly “Arupa” > “Bubonic Tonic” > “Flower Sermon”. It exemplified the range of their sound and style, and it will definitely have replay value. Luke Miller steered the ship, jumping back and forth between keys and his Gibson hollow body. By the end of the second set, Lotus had gained some new fans and submerged their diehards even deeper. They capped it off by encoring with one of their classics, “Sift”, capping the night off with the organic elements that make Lotus entertaining and original.

After two fantastic nights, the band is warmed up and ready to make the third and final night their best. This run will further prove the fact that Brooklyn Bowl is one of the best venues to see Lotus throw down one interesting set after another. Fans are buzzing around the streets of New York City today. When the lights go down and the band hits that stage, the crowd is going to go bonkers. Tonight’s show is sold out, so if you have a ticket, get ready to witness some phenomenal live music!

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Below, you can check out a gallery of photos from the show courtesy of photographer Andrew Blackstein.

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