LOTUS released its latest studio album, Build, yesterday on SCI FIDELITY RECORDS. Built on a foundation of beats evoking vinyl breaks, house, and big-beat, the album is a funky dance party throughout. The unmistakable sound of a tight live band is at the heart of the album.

“This album was recorded live to analog tape in studios in Philadelphia and St. Louis,” explains LUKE MILLER. “We used live drums, guitar, bass, Hammond organ, upright piano, analog synths, live percussion, and live horns from the group Rubblebucket, then peppered in electronic elements. The project was mixed through an analog process to give it a deep richness.”

To celebrate the album release Lotus put together a video for Kodiak:

Lotus is currently touring the US on their biggest outing ever, selling out most shows in January.  You can catch our interview with bassist Jesse Miller here and more Best Buy Theater coverage here. Lotus in now performing in the South and heading to Arizona and up the California coast playing at venues such as El Rey Theater and The Fillmore. For more information on tour dates visit their website.

Listen to ‘Massif’ from the new album Build:

Stream the full album on Spotify here.