KNOWER drummer/producer Louis Cole marries deadpan absurdism and musical excellence in the video for his latest single, “Let It Happen”.

Released on Tuesday via Brainfeeder, “Let It Happen” is a quiet contemplation of doubt and resignation. The song’s lyrics are deep and poetic, especially compared to some of KNOWER’s sillier compositions, like “Butts Tits Money”, “When You’re Ugly”, and “The Government Knows”. “Won’t see it when you’re looking at me / I’m stuck in the life between my dreams / Black curtains springing little leaks of sun / I feel the nothing I’ve become,” Cole sings in a hushed falsetto at the start of the track, his vocal delivery understated yet breathtaking.

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Featuring a combination of orchestral strings, atmospheric synths, and overly compressed drums with some KNOWER-esque lofi distortion effects, the song draws the listener in with a slow-building arc that climaxes with an elevating key change near the five-minute mark (the song is just under seven minutes long). All parts were performed by Louis Cole except the violin and cello, which were played by Leah Zeger and Dustin Seo, respectively.

The song’s solemn tone contrasts with the accompanying music video, directed by Cole, which showcases his signature sense of humor and DIY aesthetic. In the video, which features cinematography by Fuensanta and KNOWER’s Genevieve Artadi, wide angle shots zoom in—way in, like miles in—to reveal Cole dressed in all black singing the song with an utter lack of emotion on his face, surrounded by unwitting strangers in mostly public places. The humor builds as we see Cole singing in increasingly random settings, including on a speeding boat, at a roller hockey game, and on a distant overpass.

Check out the video for “Let It Happen” by Louis Cole in the player below. The song is available now on all streaming platforms.

Louis Cole – “Let It Happen”