Lucy Dacus gave new meaning to the term “couch tour” on Thursday when she performed an entire concert lying on a couch. The singer-songwriter previously suffered two herniated discs and opted to play through the pain at Detroit’s Majestic.

Thursday’s concert came after the tour opener on Wednesday in Pittsburgh was delayed due to “an unexpected medical issue (not COVID related).” It became apparent the next day what that injury was, as Dacus wrote on Twitter ahead of the show “sup, I have two herniated discs and the only way I’m not in pain is laying down SO tonight’s show I will be singing from a couch, I am both sorry and also pleased to offer this most humiliating and hilarious moment to you good people of Detroit.”

She added, “I am telling myself I am punk for this please do not say otherwise I’m fragile.” Honestly, we agree — what could be more punk than finding music in your pain?

Ever the entertainer, Dacus performed the entire concert from the confines of a big comfy couch. During one of the evening’s more raucous moments, she actually sat up to thunderous applause from the crowd.


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Per an interview Dacus conducted with her opening act Indigo de Souza via Consequence, the back injury is nothing new. She told Indigo in the interview published on February 10th she’s “hoping to get back surgery this year.” Luckily, Dacus’ continued rising profile has afforded her the finer things in life such as a tour bus rather than a van (and evidently a couch clause in her rider).

“I basically can’t sit in a car for many hours anymore,” she said. “I feel like an ancient, elderly woman saying that, but yeah, my body can’t handle it anymore.”

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It appears that the couch is a permanent fixture, as Dacus went on to perform her Friday show at Newport, KY’s Ovation from a different, albeit similar, leather couch. Stay tuned to Dacus’ website and Twitter for any further couch tour updates.

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