Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have shared their studio take on Paul Simon‘s “Obvious Child” for the first installment of the country-rock outfit’s new Soundcheck Songs video performance series.

The new video shared late last week finds Nelson and his band – fedoras a-plenty – in their studio/rehearsal space, where they charge through a live rendition of the tune which first appeared on Simon’s 1990 The Rhythm of the Saints LP.

The song for the first video as part of the band’s new performance series was selected by POTR drummer Anthony LoGerfo, who mentioned in a statement,

Paul Simon’s ‘Obvious Child’ from the album ‘The Rhythm of the Saints’ is one of my earliest memories of music. It was in my parents’ record collection that I would frequently rummage through. I would pick albums based on their cover and this one was pretty cool. While listening, I first gravitated towards the percussion of the songs and quickly fell in love with the lyrics. For some reason, at age 7, I could relate to the narrative of Sonny, and I could also relate to Sonny. Maybe it was some sort of past life realization. I would air drum to it perpetually and eventually started playing the song on actual drums when I got my first kit at age 10. It became a theme song throughout my life

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Watch the band’s studio cover of “Obvious Child” below.

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real – “Obvious Child” – Soundcheck Songs

[Video: Lukas Nelson]