Luke the Knife, aka Luke Miller from Lotus will be debuting his side project this weekend post Lotus’s Best Buy Theater show Saturday and gave Live for Live Music an exclusive track; a tasty little sneak peek if you will.  This track is a disco wrapped remix of Pimps of Joytime’s song Funky Brooklyn.

Without a doubt, this mix shows that LtK knows his audience and will bring the funk to NYC.  In a recent interview with Sensible Reason, Luke described the importance of giving his audience what they want:

“Doing a DJ set is all about reading the crowd.  Should I milk this groove longer or should I change it up?  Should I speed things up or slow them down? Should I build up or break down?”

The difference between LtK and other DJs is the way Luke incorporates funk music and the elements of live instruments into his remixes.  His catchy hooks and use of authentic bass, horns, percussion and strings will guarantee to get you groovin’.

Check out more Luke the Knife on his SoundCloud or Facebook.