The Motet members Dave Watts (drums) and Lyle Divinsky (vocals) have been keeping busy while in quarantine. Today (Tuesday, April 28th), the pair releases a soulful new song and video inspired by our current period of self-isolation, “Quarantine Fantasy”.

The song takes an optimistic, “silver linings” perspective on life in the social distancing era, which itself had a notable impact on Lyle and Dave’s approach to the writing, recording, and release process. Recorded just a few days ago, “Quarantine Fantasy” captures a moment in time with retro-funk synths, provocative falsettos, and a nostalgic yet temporary feel alongside lyrics like “We ain’t gotta go outside for fun.”

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“For me the process of writing this song was a very organic one,” Dave Watts explains. “I now have so much time on my hands, I’m able to do a lot more experimenting in my ‘music dungeon’—I found myself playing a groove that felt so good I decided to record it. I did that for about 10 minutes, messing around with different fills and solo concepts. I then sat down and spent a couple of hours chopping it up into different sections, adding synth bass, rhythm keys and melody parts. Once I had it built into a form that made sense, I sent it to Lyle and he worked his magic like only Lyle can do. With just a little more tweaking it became the song you hear now.”

Adds Lyle, “Life during quarantine has been crazy for everyone, and musicians have borne the brunt of that deeply. Our livelihood halted, our careers put on hold. That said, as a community we can’t let these times prevent us from taking these sour lemons we’ve been dealt to make some tasty lemon drop martinis. We find opportunities to do things differently, find new ways of creating, and this is no exception. Dave and I (with some help from my lady Jen) decided to put our minds together to show that while some of our dreams are put on hold, your Quarantine Fantasy is still a reality.”

Below, you can watch the video for Lyle & Dave’s “Quarantine Fantasy” via YouTube and listen to the single via SoundCloud.

Lyle Divinsky & Dave Watts (The Motet) – “Quarantine Fantasy”

With the release of Lyle & Dave’s new single, The Motet hs also launched a campaign to help support the band’s touring crew while live shows remain on hiatus, teaming up with Positive Legacy as part of their Positive Legacy COVID-19 Relief Campaign. Click here to support The Motet’s crew.